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We Stand With Those Who Have No Standing

We Are A Very Different MicroFinance Charity

The Lending Journey serves the most vulnerable in economically and socially underserved communities. 

We walk with every borrower. Though we financially support women and single mother entrepreneurs in these underserved communities, we are focused on long-term personal well-being and financial success by providing every borrower with training and personal support when life's challenges are too much for one person to handle. Learn more.   

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Cintia's Success!

A recent story we shared of how a woman in Nicaragua improved her life, and it all started with The Lending Journey believing in her.

Our Mission

"Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God's hand for that person." 

There are so many individuals who are deserving and in need of help throughout our world.  We chose to walk alongside disenfranchised women in Latin America.  Our hearts have been focused  on working with the most economically and socially vulnerable in Latin America, with a primary emphasis on single mother and woman entrepreneurs.  At the end of the day we help build businesses that  allow women to provide long-term sustainable income for their families.


We provide the resources to help facilitate the best outcomes for our micro loan borrowers, and we do this with training and compassion.   We walk along side our new family, as  they experience success and at times, momentary failure. Our borrowers know, "We will never leave their sides".

The Lending Journey microfinance  charity works in the most vulnerable communities

The Lending Journey works in the most economically and socially vulnerable communities

What Makes Us Different

Not an ordinary microfinance charity. We walk alongside all of our microloan entrepreneurs. As part of our loan process we provide weekly training for 26 weeks and community leaders are always there to help when life happens .

The Lending Journey is a unique microfinance charity, all borrowers take a 26 week training to be successful in business and in life

What makes us different, is also what makes us most successful.


There are four core areas that make The Lending Journey different than other microfinance charities:​

  1. We work in the most underserved communities;

  2. Our communities leaders are intimately connected to the communities they serve;

  3. We provide a weekly 26 week training course for loan recipients; and

  4. We are NOT a transactional bank. We walk alongside all of our microloan borrowers offering support during their successes and challenges. We have helped to rebuild homes, provide food to families when a breadwinner is sick and cannot work to support their family and attempted to buy a girl out of slavery. These are life-long relationships. We will never walk away from anyone who needs help.



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