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The Lending Journey microfinance helps the poorest and most disenfranchised women in Nicaragua and Ecuador

Those With The Least Inspire The Most 

 The Lending Journey has been serving the poorest and most disenfranchised communities in Nicaragua and Ecuador. Over the course of 25 years more than 2, 500 loans have been given.


Two traits we have observed in the people we work with are strength and perseverance. We witness their commitment to family and an ability to perseverance in the most challenging of situations.  Qualities that we continually learn from, qualities that truly inspire. 

How We Work: A Real-life Example

We walk with many women who are experiencing hardships and who want to transform their lives to support themselves and their families.  It is our responsibility to walk alongside all of our borrowers as they grow their businesses and experience unimaginable social, spiritual and economic transformation.

Watch as we share a real-life example of the very unique way The Lending Journey works with each borrower.

More than 50% of The Lending Journey borrowers will take out multiple loans following each microloan repayment.   

Lives Transformed: A Hand Up, Not A Handout

Lives transformed.  Borrowers in Ecuador talk about their businesses and how their lives have been transformed.

These ladies demonstrate strength, perseverance and hope. 


By example, these ladies want their children to see that they are not destined to poverty; with perseverance, strength and a "HAND UP, NOT A HANDOUT", they too will have a brighter future. 

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