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The Lending Journey shares inspiring stories about the poor women it supports with 2 documentaries

Travel With Us and Full Feature Documentaries

We've taken The Lending Journey on the road, literally. 


The Lending Journey has provided more than 2,500 microloans and run more than 1,000 training classes for micro-entrepreneurs. The real story is sharing hundreds upon hundreds of meals with our sisters and brothers, hearing incredible stories of despair and resilience from disenfranchised women, many who live on the back roads of nowhere. This truly is where our story begins. 


Over the past decade we have embarked on two bicycle tours, each across the countries we work in, Nicaragua and Ecuador.  Each bike ride had its own unique storyline that was recorded and made into a documentary.  We would like to share those experiences with you.

If you are interested in traveling with us to see our work in action please contact us or start a chat in the box to the right.

Vince Vetro founder of the Lending Journey microfinance charity rides across Nicaragua to raise awareness of extreme poverty in Nicaragua and produces a documentary about the charity's many stories

Nicaragua 2014: Peddling Against Poverty 

The first bike journey we took was inspired by wanting to combine a fundraiser to raise awareness for the charity while showing our support for the women entrepreneurs we support by having them ride with us.  Vince talks about this ride during the planning stage, watch. 

This is an eight day journey across Nicaragua with two distinctive narratives. 


On each day a different lady who has received a microloan rides with members of The Lending Journey.  Each lady shares her story highlighting both their strife and their drive to push the social and economic boundaries in their day to day lives as they try to make a better life for themselves and their families. 


Vince also shares an inside look into the struggles of running a microfinance charity.

Ecuador 2022: The Resilience Tour

A 7 day ride through Ecuador from the Columbian border, south to the border with Peru. After a two year delay due to COVID, this journey is very different from the first. 


Aside from the terrain where the cyclers are riding for 5 of the 7 days in the Andes between 2,500 and 4,000 metres, this tour is about much more than supporting a microfinance charity. Three women from vastly different backgrounds and cultures sharing one bicycle, supporting each other as they cross this rugged terrain together. Meet these three ladies.

The documentary is scheduled to be released at the end of 2023.  We will keep you posted on social media.

Three indigenous women ride with Lending Jouney across Ecuador where they tell their stories over a 7 day ride
The Lending Jouney is planning a bicycle ride in 2024 and its next documentary

2025 Ride

Plans are underway for our next bike journey. We are currently planning the country and route. We will keep you up to date on this page, in our newsletter and by social media as we develop our plans.

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