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A Look Back
On 2023

Here is a look back on our work in 2023 as we look forward to what God has in store for 2024!

It is also a look into the success of Operation Raise The Roof.


It is the stories of individuals that drive The Lending Journey forward.

It is the dignity in the stories of mother's earning an honest living.

The hope of parents paying for education for their children.

The love of Christ reaching into the humblest of homes.

The faith that is sowed as people are supported in their journey towards a better life.

See the stories of the women and men impacted by what we do.

Join us in impacting more lives!

San Benito

Marisol's Story

Ramón's Story

Eyrá's Story

Meyling's Story

Juana's Story

Reyna's Story

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