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Like so many women, Jessenia was referred to The Lending Journey.  Life had been very difficult for Jessenia resulting in addictions, gangs and prostitution.   Our country director met up with Jessenia in her village  and explained the opportunities that TLJ could provide her. We developed a trusting relationship and supported her with a microloan to start her first business.

Jessenia's first business was selling pork. She would take the bus into Managua every morning and return with frozen pork.  She bought a cart that she could sell the pork she purchased from door-to-door throughout her community.

She is truly a gifted entrepreneur. She decided to transition to another business. She took out a second microloan after paying back the first loan. With her second nicroloan she started a small used clothing store out of her home. 

We recognize that living at the lowest level of poverty has daily challenges, from personal safety and daily expenses to keeping your business running and finding money for those unplanned things that happen in every day life all. We are always there to help. A significant role our country directors and community leaders have is to walk along side our borrowers supporting them with advice, listening and connecting them with others in the community for network prayer and support. “It is not until you sit down and eat fish with people that you truly begin to understand their life.”

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